How to select the right size

Use a tape measure to check your wrist size and select the right size. If you don't have a tape measure, you can download our wrist sizer below.



The sizes below are the circumference of your wrist. Please note: the wrist size is not the same as the length of a bracelet. 

Measure tightly and we will produce your bracelet with a comfortable fit.



Bracelet size Wrist size centimeters Wrist size inches
XS 15 cm wrist size 5 ⅞" wrist size
S 16 cm wrist size 6 ¼" wrist size
S/M 17 cm wrist size 6 ¾" wrist size
M 18 cm wrist size (average male size) 7 ⅛" wrist size (average male size)
M/L 19 cm wrist size 7 ½" wrist size
L 20 cm wrist size 7 ⅞" wrist size
XL 21 cm wrist size 8 ¼" wrist size



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Average wrist size: S
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